Brussels is attracting the audio visual sector from UK

Brussels has proven to be the European city with the most attractive business climate in the audiovisual sector post-Brexit

Pascal Smet, State Secretary for Foreign Trade of the Brussels Capital-Region, comments: ‘Brussels is thriving. We are excited to welcome all sorts of companies in the audio visual sector. This campaign will confirm once more the attractiveness of Brussels as an investment hotspot. As the clock ticks down to the UK leaving on January 31st 2020 we want it to be known that Brussels is the gate to the rest of Europe especially when it comes to audio visual.'

The Brussels State Secretary for Foreign Trade, Pascal Smet (, is actively engaged in a Brexit campaign to attract the UK's audio visual sector to the capital. With this campaign, Smet wants to welcome British companies that will be affected by the Brexit. He wants to show that the Brussels investment climate is particularly favourable for the audio visual sector.

The Brussels-Capital Region has also commissioned a study to compare the business climate in Brussels with other European cities such as Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris. Analysys Mason's report shows that British companies passing through Brussels have an insured access to the European market. In addition, the licensing and regulatory framework for the audio visual sector is most attractive in the European capital.

According to the report, the licensing regime for the audio-visual sector is relatively simple, does not involve licensing costs and is unlimited in duration, provided that the location criteria are met.

By comparison, Amsterdam, Dublin and Paris have a very complex system, depending on the service provided and the type of licence required.

With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union in just over three weeks' time, the Brussels Region is publishing this report in order to persuade British audiovisual companies to set up in the Belgian capital. This will enable them to remain active throughout Europe after the Brexit. Together with and, the Brussels business support agency, the regional government also wants to attract and support British companies so that they can secure their future European activities.

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Reine Nkiambote Spokesperson, Kabinet Pascal Smet
Reine Nkiambote Spokesperson, Kabinet Pascal Smet
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