Brussels Region grants permit for ZIN project: important step towards Northern Quarter 2.0

Brussels Region grants permit for ZIN project: important step towards Northern Quarter 2.0

Brussels State Secretary for Urbanism Pascal Smet ( confirms that a permit has been granted for the redevelopment of the WTC I and II towers in the Northern Quarter.

“ZIN will be a reference project for the entire Northern Quarter,” says State Secretary for Urbanism Pascal Smet. "This shows our ambition to make a lively, multifunctional and cosmopolitan district of a neighbourhood that was mutilated in the 60s and 70s and never recovered from that blow. Until now!”

The building will use the plinths and cores of the existing WTC I and II towers. ZIN was designed by architect team 51N4E, Jaspers Eyers Architects and the AUC. The team is backed by experts in engineering, sustainability, circular economy, accessibility and well-being. This process was supervised by the Brussels chief architect.

The project of real-estate operator Befimmo is the first building in the Northern Quarter to combine various functions in an innovative way. It involves 72,500 m² of offices, 5,000 m² of coworking, 111 apartments, 240 hotel rooms and also sports areas, leisure areas, bars and restaurants and shops. The interpretation varies from floor to floor, which creates a layered structure, unique in Brussels and in our country. By combining these functions, there will be life in the building and the surroundings seven days a week. This way, ZIN will contribute to the development of a new dynamic in the Northern Quarter. The building will be very open and transparent towards the city and its inhabitants.

“ZIN reflects the further development we aspire for the Northern Quarter: a multifunctional district for the people, focused on intriguing architecture, high-quality and sustainable housing, plenty of public space and room for nature. We will create a new urban fabric and turn it into a district that invites to live there, to work, to relax, to go to school and so on. In addition to ZIN, there are many projects in the pipeline in order to realise this vision, such as a new tram line connecting the North station with Tour & Taxis, a new building to replace the current CCN building and a renewed Maximilien Park where the Senne river will return to its former glory,” says Pascal Smet ( 

Circularity as core principle

Circularity is a very important aspect of ZIN. Maximum use is made of the existing building. The underground floors and the circulation cores will be retained. More than 95 % of all materials and existing equipment will be retained, recovered or recycled. Moreover, ZIN is also an exemplary project in terms of water management and biodiversity and great attention has been given to the accessibility of persons with reduced mobility.

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Marc Debont Porte-parole, Cabinet du Secrétaire d'État Pascal Smet
Marc Debont Porte-parole, Cabinet du Secrétaire d'État Pascal Smet
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