Copenhagen and Brussels strengthen ties

Copenhagen and Brussels strengthen ties

Brussels economic and political mission in Danish capital launched

From 21 to 23 November, several Brussels companies will take part in an economic mission in Copenhagen.
The mission, organised by technology federation Agoria, and Sirris, will be led by Brussels State Secretary for Urbanism and International Relations and Foreign Trade, Pascal Smet. Sustainability, cleantech, smart cities and intelligent buildings will play a central role.

Brussels State Secretary Pascal Smet will also have several exchanges with Danish policy makers around the sustainable transition of major cities.

Copenhagen is one of the most progressive cities in the world in terms of entrepreneurship and sustainable urban development. The Danish capital is therefore the perfect source of inspiration and partner for the Brussels Region, which is showing great ambition for urbanism on a human scale and future-oriented entrepreneurship.

“It goes without saying that Copenhagen is a huge source of inspiration and collaboration opportunities for Brussels. Not only for the many Brussels tech start-ups and scale-ups, but also for policy makers. The Danes always show ambition and boldness, starting from their own strengths. Qualities I would like to see more in Brussels,” said Brussels State Secretary for Urbanism and International Relations and Foreign Trade, Pascal Smet.

For 3 days, Brussels start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, investors and companies will immerse themselves in the Danish ecosystem, find inspiration, exchange knowledge and prospect.

With Brussels having the largest number of start-ups in our country, it is no coincidence that the focus is on tech start-ups and scale-ups. More than one-third of tech start-ups are founded in the Brussels Region. And to better meet the needs of these young growth companies, and Agoria recently joined forces and launched the programme to actively guide and support Brussels start-ups in their growth and internationalisation.

“Because a successful international introduction is the key to growing from start-up to scale-up,” René Konings, manager of Agoria Brussels, explained.

During the mission, Brussels start-ups will present companies to Danish investors.

Brussels Region opens economic office in the heart of Copenhagen

On Wednesday 23 November, State Secretary Smet will open a new Brussels economic office in the Danish capital. Here, a representative of, the Brussels Agency for Business Support, will better guide Brussels companies in the Danish market and show Danish investors the way to our capital. 
The office will be located in Bloxhub, a large ecosystem of companies, research institutions and organisations working on sustainable urban development from different perspectives. 

"In addition to accompanying Brussels exporters, this new office will help identify local companies that are useful for the economic transition in Brussels and promote partnerships between innovative startups. BLOXHUB is an excellent partner to help us move towards a more sustainable city and economy," explains Isabelle Grippa, CEO of

The mission's key topics are sustainability, cleantech, smart cities and intelligent buildings.
Hans Bruyninckx, the Belgian director of the European Environment Agency, will give a presentation on “the future of Smart Cities”, followed by a panel discussion with Brussels State Secretary Smet, among others.
There will be a working visit to Ørsted, the largest Danish energy company. The full programme for the companies can be consulted here.

State Secretary Smet and Danish policy makers will also meet and several interesting site visits to exemplary projects related to the transition of cities in terms of urbanism, technology and energy are scheduled.

Among other things, Pascal Smet will meet Line Barfod, Deputy Mayor of the City of Copenhagen responsible for Urbanism and Infrastructure Development.

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Damiaan De Jonge Woordvoerder, Kabinet Pascal Smet
Damiaan De Jonge Woordvoerder, Kabinet Pascal Smet
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