European Winter Market

An experimental winter setting in the European quarter

This week, a new micro-market will be launched in the heart of Brussels. “European Winter Market” is an experimental market on Place Jean Rey, in the European quarter. This is an experiment to test new uses for this public space and to build a more desirable neighbourhood. The innovative setting of the market and its amenities will increase the attractiveness of Place Jean Rey during winter times. 

The project will transform Place Jean Rey into an experimental place providing a small market, integrated in the setting of the red picnic tables “European canteen”, which have been launched last year in the European quarter and further extended with amenities such as a BBQ installation, illuminated canopies, braziers, blankets, all contributing to a warm, convivial winter atmosphere. 

A new experimental market 

During 2 consecutive Wednesdays in December (14 and 21) and 3 Wednesdays in January (11, 18 and 25), a micro-market will be organised from noon till 21h in a convivial and winter setting. On these market days you can discover European quality products such as veggies, bread, meat and sausage products, cheese and specialties from different European countries. A special stand with hot drinks and dishes will be provided in collaboration with the local shopkeepers of Place Jean Rey.

A winter-friendly meeting place

A convivial winter atmosphere will be created around the market by providing amenities such as braziers, illuminated canopies and blankets. Employees, inhabitants, visitors and passers-by will be invited to discover the market and at the same time enjoy a hot drink (wine and soup) and a snack prepared on a giant barbeque.

EQuama wants to contribute to the creation of an attracting street life in the European quarter in winter times by transforming place Jean Rey in a winter space.

EQuama wants to contribute to the creation of an attracting street life in the European quarter in winter times by transforming place Jean Rey in a winter space.

It’s a project of the non-profit association eQuama, developed by the design agency Talking Things, the market is organised by Brussels Food Market and the construction and the installation has been handled by Open Air.

“More and more Brussels citizens and visitors find their way to the European quarter. We want to give public space back to the people. Small interventions such as “European Winter Market” can have a large impact on daily life in the district and stimulate encounters. With this initiative we want to bring life to Place Jean Rey, for inhabitants, visitors of the European Institutions and passers-by”, says Brussels Minister of Mobility and Public Works Pascal Smet.

“This market proves that the European quarter is not only a place to work or a place where European political decisions are taken. It is also a dynamic place where inhabitants and employees can enjoy together convivial moments. This is why I give my support to projects of associations, inhabitants and shop keepers of the European district.” explains Marion Lemesre, Alderwoman of Economic Affairs of the City of Brussels.

The project is made possible by the support of the Brussels Capital Region, the City of Brussels,, The National Lottery, Belview, Urbicoon, Befimmo, Kokuban, Chez Mauricette, Living Room, and Accoya.

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