New Roof for Youth Club De Branding

Friday, December 19, 2014 — Brussels Minister Pascal Smet and Flemish Minister Sven Gatz together invest in a new building for youth club 'De Branding' in Jette. Once the ground-lease agreement with the municipality of Jette will be signed, construction works can start. 'We are very happy that, in joining forces, we could overcome this long-lasting impasse', Gatz and Smet say.

The new youth club (designed by L3M architects) will cost approximately EUR 800.000. The Flemish Community Commission (VGC) in Brussels has earmarked EUR 500.000 in its investment plan 2015. The remaining EUR 300.000 will come from the Flemish budget for 2015.

The Brussels youth clubs umbrella, NPO JHOB, acts as the building contractor and will soon sign the ground-lease agreement with the municipality of Jette for a plot of land on the Cardinal Mercier Square. From then on, construction works can start.

'NPO JHOB is very pleased that the building of the new youth club is accelerated', says JHOB coordinator Jurgen Ral. 'We are happy to hear that the youngsters of Jette will soon have their own tailor-made site.'

Pascal Smet is a happy man. 'After over a decade spent waiting, the youngsters in Jette will once again have their own meeting space for developing their own initiatives,' he says. 'I am convinced that this will give a new impetus to the entire municipality of Jette. Connecting people is very important in our days, especially in Brussels. Youth clubs have an essential role to play in community life.'

Youth Club De Branding, L3M Architecten
Youth Club De Branding, L3M Architecten