Online building permit application

Online building permit application ready to use: first step towards the full digitisation of the building permit procedure

From now on, certain applications for planning permission can be submitted digitally. After a test period in March, April and May, the system is now ready to be rolled out in phases.

“During the first lockdown period, we tested digital solutions. We have optimised our platform, and are now ready to roll it out step by step. We start with the public projects granted by the Brussels Capital Region. After this first step, other will follow in the coming months.
By focusing on digitisation and automation, we can make urban planning procedures fast, efficient and qualitative. With this platform we now have an efficient tool to achieve that,” says Pascal Smet, Secretary of State for Urbanism and Heritage.

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Damiaan De Jonge Kabinet Pascal Smet
Damiaan De Jonge Kabinet Pascal Smet
About Pascal Smet

Brussels Government, Secretary of State for Urbanism and Heritage - European and International Relations - Foreign Trade - Fire fighting and Emmergency medical Assistance

Member of the Board of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC), responsible for Culture, Youth, Sport and Urban Policy

Pascal Smet
Koning Albert II laan 37 - 12de
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