PRESS INVITATION: Towards more efficient urban planning procedures

Presentation of the (external) evaluation of the current Brussels town planning code (CoBAT)

In its coalition agreement, the Brussels government expressed the objective of making urban planning authorisation procedures more efficient, qualitative, transparent and quicker.

In this context, Brussels State Secretary for Urbanism Pascal Smet took the initiative to carry out an external evaluation of the current Brussels town planning code (CoBAT). This code defines the procedures for urbanism and spatial planning in the Brussels-Capital Region.
​City Tools and BDO conducted the evaluation and will submit it to the Brussels government this week.
​Brussels State Secretary for Urbanism Pascal Smet,, City Tools and BDO invite you to a press conference at which the content of this evaluation will be presented.

Wednesday 25 January 2023 - 10h30
​Cabinet Pascal Smet, 37 Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 1030 Brussels


About Pascal Smet

Brussels Government, Secretary of State for Urbanism and Heritage - European and International Relations - Foreign Trade - Fire fighting and Emmergency medical Assistance

Member of the Board of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC), responsible for Culture,Youth, Sport, Community Centres, Living Together and Diversity

Pascal Smet
Koning Albert II laan 37 - 12de
1030 Brussel