Rebirth of Brussels Art Nouveau masterpiece Maison Hannon

Rebirth of Brussels Art Nouveau masterpiece Maison Hannon

End of major restoration works, transformation into a permanent museum and opening to the general public as part of Art Nouveau Year 2023.

State Secretary for Urbanism and Heritage Pascal Smet ​ inaugurated today the renovated Maison Hannon in the presence of Minister-President Rudi Vervoort, mayor of Saint-Gilles Jean Spinette and the President of asbl Maison Hannon, Charles Picqué. More specifically, major restoration works were completed and this listed Brussels building has been transformed into a museum that anyone can visit. As part of the Art Nouveau Brussels 2023, this new architectural and museum centre will from now on enhance the cultural and tourist offer of this neighbourhood through a combined ticket with the Horta Museum.

“Maison Hannon, a Brussels Art Nouveau masterpiece, is entering a new chapter in its history. It will revive entirely as a permanent museum, open to the public. This is possible thanks to a successful collaboration between the Brussels Region and the municipality of Saint-Gilles. This allowed several months of meticulous restoration works on both the interior, the extraordinary glass bow-window and the facades of this heritage characterised by a fusion of Belgian and French Art Nouveau. As Art Nouveau capital, Brussels is proud of its treasures. As part of this theme year, it continues to open up its extraordinary heritage to the general public. Ideal for the international image of our region! ” said Pascal Smet, State Secretary for Urbanism.
Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort is delighted to announce that “the Hannon house has been restored and now opens its doors to the public. It is an addition to the large offer of cultural, heritage and tourist attractions in Brussels. We tend to be a little too modest when it comes to confirming our status of international capital of the art nouveau. It is time to be a little more outspoken and expressive about it, which is exactly what the art nouveau stands for, including beyond our borders,” he concludes.
“I am pleased that a flagship project on which the municipality has been working with its partners for several years is flourishing. Like the Horta House, the municipality bought and rescued it years ago. Thanks to the various public and private players who made this project possible, it will now become an essential feature of the Art Nouveau Route in Brussels and Saint-Gilles in particular. This contributes to Brussels’ international image, an essential element of our identity and economy today. ” said Jean Spinette, mayor of Saint-Gilles.
“After recently opening Victor Horta's Hotel van Eetvelde to the public, we are now adding another magnificent gem to our art nouveau collection: the Hannon House in Saint-Gilles. This will be another of must-see monuments, among the hundreds of beautiful, protected Art Nouveau buildings that crown the Brussels region as the undisputed capital of this art movement.” says Brussels Minister Sven Gatz, in charge of the Image of Brussels.
Maison Hannon, the pride of Saint-Gilles and Brussels, is a privileged witness to the artistic buzz of the early 20th century. Together with the Horta Museum and the town hall of Saint-Gilles, it represents an exceptionally rich triangle that demonstrates how important art and beauty are to social life,” said Charles Picqué, President of la Maison Hannon asbl.

The first phase of restoration work has now been completed, thanks to a public-private partnership in which is contributing 75% of the budget for the finished works (600,000 euros). ​ In addition to the renovation in recent years of the floors, mosaics, fresco, windows and bow-window, the facade has been fully restored this year and is finally revealing is original splendour. These renovations mark only the first step in a much more extensive project that includes restoring the greenhouse (gilding, stencils, plants, furniture), redesigning the garden, reconstructing the missing stained glass windows, renovating the roof, etc. through other restoration phases in which the public can take part through lectures, tours, meetings with artisans and crowdfunding campaigns. ​

Just like Hôtel van Eetvelde, the Horta House, the Solvay House and the Cauchie House, Maison Hannon will soon receive lighting to enhance its heritage and make it a real point of interest at night time. Studies for the facade lighting are currently being finalised.

Specifically, everyone can now visit Maison Hannon on Mondays and Fridays from 11am to 6pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6pm. Tickets can be booked or bought on site. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the house is exclusively reserved for private visits, which can be booked with the non-profit organisations Arkadia and Korei. Visiting Maison Hannon also means contributing to the future restoration phases until 2030. The ticket price includes €2 for future restoration projects.

For full details on the history of this remarkable heritage, restoration phases, museum space, exhibition programme and practical information, please read the attached press file.

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Damiaan De Jonge Woordvoerder, Kabinet Pascal Smet



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