StaycationBXL: unforgettable summer holidays for Brusselers

StaycationBXL: unforgettable summer holidays for Brusselers

Approval projects second round

The second round of the VGC (Flemish Community Commission) project call “Staycation BXL” has closed today. College member Pascal Smet approved 67 percent of the 127 submitted projects - for a total amount of more than 420.000 euros. 85 initiatives will offer Brusselers who stay at home this summer an unforgettable staycation. During the first round of the project call, 94 projects were already approved, for a total amount of almost 600.000 euros. In total, the VGC is investing 1 million euros for StaycationBXL projects.

The staycation projects are spread across all municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. Some of them cross the municipal borders, or extend to the entire region. For example, the water of the temporarily closed swimming pool of Ixelles will be recovered in order to create an artistic pop-up waterway with, for and by the neighbourhood, while workshops and a neighbourhood party will transform the (pedestrian) bridge at Rue Pierre Marchant in Anderlecht. The library of Uccle will also host a pop-up reading bar in its garden and Yoga for All will bring life to parks and covered locations in several Brussels municipalities. 

These are all youth, cultural, sports and leisure activities. Both organisations and individual Brussels artists have the opportunity to realise their summer project. Projects from the first round are already taking place. You can now see people kayaking in favour of a clean canal and embellished showcases throughout the Region. The projects are diverse and often very original.

Thanks to the project call, individual Brusselers can also seize the opportunity to organise street parties and play streets. Such as Brr’Chaud in Schaerbeek or Rue Vanderjeux in Koekelberg/Jette. “Ben & Mo op de Chariot” are two musical Brusselers who will be touring residential care centres with a mobile music theatre. 

“I believe in the strength of the committed citizen who makes the difference by taking small initiatives, leading to a more liveable neighbourhood. Many citizens are taking actions every day to make their city a better place. That is our true asset and I see that commitment fully reflected in the submitted files for StaycationBXL," says VGC college member for culture, youth and sport Pascal Smet.

"Organisations and Brusselers have made a great effort to come up with something original for other Brusselers who spend their holidays in our city: from excursions to valuable but little known places, games challenging teams to compete, invitations for a typical dance performance from a distant country, a stroll to a fascinating neighbourhood at the other side of the city... Imagination has fully been used in Brussels. This should result in an unforgettable staycation," says college member Sven Gatz.

“Together with all these organisations, we are preparing Brussels for a lovely summer, adapted to the new reality. It will be an extensive, elaborate summer offer in the different neighbourhoods, which at the same time supports the revival of Brussels. To do so, we are making extra public space available for the Brusselers, through play streets, living streets and low car traffic areas. Thanks to the excellent cooperation, we can make a difference for many Brusselers this summer,” says Elke Van den Brandt, president of the VGC college.

We rely on young Brussels amateur photographers: We got to know Kamilia Hsaine through the À Fonds project of Lowkey Radio, while Kenzo Van Cotthem was active in the Aximax youth centre.

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Reine Nkiambote Woordvoerster, Kabinet Pascal Smet
Reine Nkiambote Woordvoerster, Kabinet Pascal Smet
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