VGC creates space for artists

Summer residences in community centers and start studio management

Just like last summer, the 22 Brussels community centres (N22) invite artists to use their spaces as workplaces. This year, the uncertainties of the pandemic have increased the need for this. N22 and the Kunstenwerkplaats received 41 requests for spaces, twice as many as last year. At the same time the VGC (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie) grants a funding of 30,000 euros to the Level 5 artists' collective to use the Permanent project to map out the studio space in our city.

New needs and artistic content because of COVID-19

Artists face many uncertainties due to the pandemic. Rehearsals were cancelled in recent months, and new rehearsal spaces are now desperately needed. During these summer months the community centers will think outside the box, even more than usual. In the public space, and towards the people of Brussels. The infrastructure will be made available to artists. N22 and the Kunstenwerkplaats sent out an open call for this, and managed to offer a place to all 41 applicants for at least one week.

"This crisis is hitting our artists hard. We want to give them a push and make sure they can get back to work. We are literally and figuratively giving space to them by opening the doors of our community centers this summer," says VGC member in charge of culture Pascal Smet. "They will have the opportunity to focus in a studio space and be stimulated by the creative vibes in one of our centres. Our arts scene is the face of our city and needs to flourish again like never before".

Because of the new needs and new artistic interpretation that COVID-19 brings, several artists will be working in the centres this summer. Theatre producers (Amos Tindemans with project 'Chloé and Anton'), musicians (Constanza Guzman), dancers (Milo Slayers with 'Monstrare et/ou Monere'), visual artists (An Debie with 'Instar') and many multidisciplinary artists with crossovers (James Hogan with 'Echo & Narcissus'). Finally, there are also artists who, due to the crisis, need to go back to a sort of routine.

N22 and the Kunstenwerkplaats are happy to be able to offer all applicants a suitable place. The centres are spread all over the region and have a diverse range of venues. This meets the diverse needs of the artistic disciplines.

More information about the summer residences at

Permanent start of research on studio management

For a number of years, Level 5 has led a nomadic existence in several vacant buildings in Brussels. There has been a lot of experimentation in temporary use, but this form of workshop often compromises the relationship with the neighbourhood and rarely leads to lasting interventions and relationships. Nowadays, they are temporarily housed in the former Actiris building on Avenue Anspach. Level 5 wants to use Permanent in a more systematic way to design sustainable models for studio acquisition and studio management. To achieve this, Level 5 collaborates with artists, university (VUB-Cosmopolis), researchers and (inter)national examples.   

"The corona crisis has brought to light the existing problems of uncertain regulations and lack of studio space. The insights from Permanent's research will contribute to the policy measures that the VGC will take to support a dynamic studio policy in collaboration with other authorities".

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Reine Nkiambote Spokesperson, Kabinet Pascal Smet
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